Digital Marketing : The New Norm

Digital Marketing: The New Norm


2020 has been nothing short of a roller coaster, as the world is still scrambling to navigate the uncertainty brought about by the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. Brands and businesses all over the world are faced with the challenging decisions to ensure that public health and safety remain the main priority. 


All of a sudden, brands across the world are slowly coming to terms with the volatile business environment we have found ourselves in with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, everything is in perfect place for brands and businesses to re-examine their marketing strategies. Where the focus was once to bring customer footfall into their brick-and-mortar businesses, there is an increasing urgency and need for change to address the global impact of the pandemic. 


Enter Digital Marketing


Digital marketing expenditures have significantly increased over the years. Despite the spread of COVID-19 greatly reducing marketing budgets in companies around the world, digital marketing channels are still poised to stay relevant. Over the past few months, it has been shown that digital will not die and has time and time again proven itself to be a prominent way to reach consumers. It is important to note that the purpose of your digital marketing strategy is to channel traffic to your website or social media pages, engage your target audience and convert them to leads and sales.


In the coming months, brands and businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy, or if they haven’t already started, to plan and implement one. In many cases, the difference of having a digital marketing plan in place can make or break a brand or company and decide whether they are able to make it through the tough times ahead. 


While some brands have been quick to adopt digital strategies into their marketing plans, there are still some of the more traditionally-minded brands and businesses who are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. Still, the increasing barriers on face-to-face business, which has long been a staple for marketers around the world, will pose a huge barrier. With the fear and insecurity caused by the pandemic, prospective clients or customers are going to be hesitant to walk into your place of business. The worst part of it is that no one has any idea how long this will last, and whether there will be any long-term effects down the line.


The Power of Going Digital


Digital marketing adds two very important elements to traditional marketing. First, it offers new marketing channels that are entirely online and therefore immune to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements. Second, digital marketing strategies offer abundant metrics which allow you to track all your steps, optimize them, streamline your processes and affect your key performance indicators (KPIs.) With all the available data at your disposal, you can make better informed marketing spend decisions, particularly in this time of crisis when every ringgit matters.


During the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, many businesses have taken their stores online. But even if you are not selling any products online, it is still viable for you to look into having a robust digital marketing strategy in place. Consider digital marketing as a scalable engine against the growth of your company. This engine is powered by many cylinders, made up of various digital channels. Ideally, for your engine to run well, you will want each of the pillars to be fine-tuned to work with one another and deliver the most efficient returns for your business. 


There are plenty of digital channels in which you can explore as you venture into digital marketing. Social media channels are one of the more popular ways to engage with your customers, and prominent platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Whatsapp have all witnessed significant rises in the number of sessions during the MCO period, according to Nielsen. All digital channels are important, and they each have their own purpose and benefit. Different digital channels also work off each other, creating important synergies that lead to even more traffic and conversions. 



For example, a creative content strategy should ideally be done through social media (like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) marketing as it is more likely that your ads will land in front of the eyeballs that you target and seek. Similarly, should you be looking at driving more traffic to your website, Google offers plenty of options to generate direct and referral traffic that will raise your domain authority and therefore increase organic traffic to your website.


Technology and Innovation Drives Us Forward


One of the more positive sides of the pandemic are the technological & innovation-driven solutions. E-commerce platforms have picked up tremendously over the past few months. In a time when people were all confined to their homes, e-commerce has positioned itself as a new norm for businesses to sell their products. Whether it’s a fishmonger or furniture maker, the rise in power of e-commerce cannot be denied. 


Similarly, virtual events and virtual meeting spaces have boomed during the MCO period, with platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom providing a space for both internal and external strategic business discussions to happen. More and more brands are also exploring going “Live” on platforms like Facebook and Instagram Live to connect and engage with their customers in an unprecedented manner. Brands have also made it easier for their customers to engage with content creators and key opinion leaders (KOLs) through livestreams as a means of building more awareness for their brands. 


Final Thoughts


It’s very obvious that in the coming weeks or months or however long we are stuck in this situation, businesses and brands that cannot adapt and innovate will be facing a challenging time. It helps to think that a digital marketing strategy can offer so much more than just a temporary solution during these times; it’s also viable for offering long term benefits even if the world eventually gets back to normal. If your company has refrained from venturing into the digital sphere, you may not have a choice now. Being able to adapt in a time like this will help to improve your company’s crisis-handling even for future emergencies. 


Still, for great digital strategies to work, you will still need to work with a good digital agency that is able to help you produce stellar digital content. At Milestone Digital, we understand that many businesses or brands may just be looking for the best digital marketing agency to help them achieve their goals and align with their company’s growth. To do so, we use an approach which helps with forwarding creative marketing. Today’s users are able to switch between devices and channels, which is why creativity plays a vital role in making an impact on the customer. At Milestone Digital, we aim to use that creativity to provide your customers with an interesting and engaging experience.


If you are not comfortable in navigating through a digital marketing transformation on your own, we’re here to help. With our experience in digital, including social media (Facebook, Instagram) marketing, virtual online event planning, KOL and Influencer management, video production and website development among other offerings, we can help you craft a viable digital strategy that is able to turn your digital channels into sustainable growth for your company. 



Contact us today and let us know how we can help you navigate the new norm of digital marketing. 


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